Managing Your Business

We have all heard of Porter’s four P’s

Today we would like to introduce you to Aurora’s four P’s

These are our four P’s of financial management: 

Planning – Performance – Position – Projection 

This model has served our client’s extremely well in good times, has seen them through the challenging times and is set to continue to serve them well as we move forward to a new period of growth.

It is simple, understandable and employable in any business.

It takes all the accounting jargon out of your business’ financial reporting and management.

It has delivered results that our clients have for years commented positively on.

Our four P’s are for managing your business. 

Porters four P’s are for managing your sales and marketing-

Product – Place – Price – Promotion

A brilliant basis upon which to base a marketing plan.

It’s simple, it’s hugely effective and we use it all the time when working with our clients to develop their marketing plans.