Hotels – The Future Looks Bright…..

Over the last number of weeks and in the lead up to the IHF annual event, we have spoken about a wide range of topics from managing growth to innovation.
Firstly, a thank you to Mr Stephen McNally, an inspirational IHF President for the past two years.
Secondly, big shoes to fill but we wish Mr Joe Dolan every success in the coming period.
Mr Dolan’s comments regarding inadequate funding in marketing and product development hit home in a very raw way.

Both are important, but from a long term perspective, it’s product development
Or more correctly described as guest experience development.
A little more challenging in difficult times as often this requires a capital spend.
A little difficult given the disposition of our “friendly” banks in the past number of years.
But as the tide turns and the industry’s fortunes shift positively, the sharks are smelling the blood (or put another way – banks are becoming a little more interested).
Provided we have a clear understanding of our proposition and how we want to develop it, we are finding one bank in particular very “brave”.

At Aurora we know how to access funds.
And the steps are easy…. You just have to know how (ie. What the bank(s) want and how to prepare and present).

Let Aurora Accounting Services help your Hotel enjoy a Bright & Profitable 2016