Hotels Managing Growth

We are all looking forward to the IHF Conference in Killarney at the end of the month, following another year of growth in the Irish Hotel industry. It is widely reported on a national basis that this industry has recovered strongly with yields improving. However, as we dig a little deeper this is a story of two halves. Dublin and a few other urban hubs are experiencing the lion’s share of this growth, while more rural destinations are growing at a much slower pace.
Outside these urbanised areas, occupancy is floating somewhere between 50 to 55%. From what we have gathered in the industry in the last two years, the improving occupancy needs to be very carefully managed. We need to understand and target specific demographics to ensure that our ground floor activities are fully utilised by our visitors to maximise their spend during their stay. It is this management of the ground floor activities that is the difference between a healthy profit or not. It is our job to help achieve this profit goal.