Hotels: Labour Cost Management Crucial to Success

With the conference in Killarney fixed firmly in our diaries, the chatter in most cases this year will be about growth in sales. This as we know is not before its time.
From what we have seen, cost management has been successful in ensuring food & beverage margins have been well maintained. However, the same cannot be said about the management of labour costs.
As we have seen sales growth, we have also seen a disproportionate increase at times in the labour to sales.

While this is a constant focus with all clients, it is our primary focus at all new clients.
It is this relentless focus that has led to the successful management of our labour to sales ratio across all departments with all our clients.
This ensures an improved underlying performance of our client businesses.
Furthermore, in light of recent discussions regarding a living wage, we don’t expect the management of this key driver to get any easier.