Hotels: Driving Sales Remotely

This time next week the IHF conference will be in full swing in Killarney, a top 10 worldwide tourist destination and the only one to feature in the top 30 from the UK or Ireland!
The last couple of weeks we touched on growth and labour cost management. Today, we turn our attention to driving sales via technology. This will require a capital investment.
Current trends in the States include mobile check-in and digital door opening. Furthermore and more importantly these apps are now being upgraded to move beyond this.
Guests can now select their room by browsing digital floor plans, buy instant room upgrade offers and other services within the hotel. The reason we view this as an important technological investment is the ability to make additional sales with great ease.
This may sound like new technology now, but if we think back it was not so long ago that key cards were new technology!
Thinking beyond where we are now – Aurora Accounting & Business Services