Hotels and Innovation

Day 1 at the IHF Conference in Killarney & we are already looking forward to tomorrows speaker sessions. One of the topics being discussed is innovation & we covered this briefly last week.

We should all be obsessed with innovating.
Or put another way – we should all be constantly thinking “how can we make this better”
And this applies to all people in all departments: from reception to accommodation, from guest relations to our back office and support services.

Innovation is not someone else’s job.

Our culture should encourage everyone on our team to be bold enough to make small simple changes and brave enough to suggest large changes.

Innovation is about making the ideas real.

At Aurora we constantly look at how we can make the data at our disposal into real decision making information.
We constantly think:
– More efficient use of the accounting systems
– How to get the information out quicker
– Constantly review the reporting lines
– Quicker sales & cash flow forecasting
– Tailoring the reporting tools and models to suit the user of the information
– The list could go on.

And that’s just a few little ideas out of the accounting function…