Funding Your Growth

On the back of last weeks post and the resulting growth across all our clients, it is becoming very evident that the majority of our clients require working capital funding. In other words, we need banks to help fund the growth in our day to day operations.

What does this mean?

As we grow and primarily as a result of credit terms, the gap between invoicing and cash receipts expands. As the teams grow, our labour cost increases putting strain on our cash flow. This is where we come in. With proper reporting and well thought out substantiated forecasting we are finding that the banks are very receptive to supporting our clients.

As your accountants we work to ensure that the banks are furnished with everything they need to get the financing approved. It is only through our rolling forecasting systems that we foresee any cash constraints well in advance and plan for them

If your growth is being hindered by lack of funding or proper regular financial information, call us now to help get the wheels back in motion.