Aurora launch the SME Management Procast Series

This series is designed to help SME owners/managers identify with a number issues that present themselves in all small & medium sized businesses. The Procast series is a new podcast based on our experiences with our clients as we have travelled with them over the past ten + years.

These experiences are taken from clients in diverse business sectors and yet the issues are common to all these clients. We have supported this management series blog with a PROCAST. This PROCAST offers an audio version of the blog and it message.

In addition, we are extremely proud and grateful to introduce some of our clients as discuss how we worked through the issues we feature in the series. These are real clients talking about the real experience.

As with most things at Aurora this series was a team event.

It was born of a small article I wrote to emphasise the importance a particular discussion I had had with a client. The article worked as it found a way to cut through big long discussion with a number of people attending. Lucky for us, this client was a PR agency and loved it so much asked if she could send out a press release. Two days later I was interviewed by Pat Kenny live at RTE (Thank you Audrey).

At another client’s suggestion I wrote a couple more articles. These I have used with great effect on a number of different occasions, at different times for different clients. Again , thank you John for the encouragement to “Go for it!” From there it was Ian Smith of Noise Multimedia that sat patiently with me as I asked the same question over and again until he finally convinced me that the podcast was a super idea. And lastly, we came up with the name PROCAST quite by accident. It was a typo on my part in an e mail to the podcast producer Matt Houlihan from the International Radio Company.

Episode One deals with the dangers of getting lost in the business rather than the important task of working on the business – remembering that you cannot win a war fighting in the trenches.

So enjoy.